Jim is a veteran himself, having served six years as an Army Airborne Officer, with three of those in Germany during the Cold War, where he saw the stark difference between American freedom and Communist oppression.

To focus on his commitment for AZ US Senate, Jim sold his company at the end of 2021.

Jim has always prioritized hiring veterans and over 20% of Jim’s company’s staff served in the United States Military — four times the national average of those who have served.

Jim’s company was also an industry leader in pursuing a “Made in America” policy, with seventy percent (70%) of company dollars spent staying in America. In its first eight years in business they spent more than $3 billion on American steel, electrical cable, and construction workers.

Jim Lamon for Senate
Jim Lamon Military Veteran


Jim will insist that jobs go to American citizens, by securing our borders, require E-Verify and deport illegal immigrants that endanger our communities. Jim will be a strong voice for a more streamlined federal government that spends less, has fewer regulations, and is mission-focused on delivering core essentials to the American taxpayer. Put America First, Secure the Border, Streamline the Federal Government: that is the Jim Lamon Plan.

Prior to founding DEPCOM, Jim worked for 20 years in the coal and gas-fired power plant industry. Jim knows what it takes to power America.

Jim has been a leader in Arizona conservative politics, supporting Republican candidates for public office and, is spending $2 million to expanding voting opportunities by registering tens of thousands of new conservative voters in Arizona ahead of the 2022 midterms.

As a candidate for the United States Senate from the great State of Arizona, Jim Lamon is dedicated to putting America First, just as he has done as a business leader. He will take on China, fight back against rampant theft of technology, and work to level the playing field for our American manufacturers and workers. Jim will work to stop endless wars and deployments and refocus our military mission on China as our predominate


Growing up on a farm, Jim learned to work hard and value Faith, Family, and Country. Jim’s first paying job was shoveling manure at age 7, at $0.25 per stall. That experience has left him well-prepared to clean up Washington. He learned teamwork and dedication when he played football for the legendary coach Bear Bryant. Jim followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a construction engineer and a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserve. His mother ran the home while also working part-time.

Today, Jim is the father of two grown children and proud grandfather of two grandchildren. He is active in his Christian faith and philanthropy. He enjoys weight training, hiking and yoga.

Jim Lamon is not the candidate of special interests, and definitely not the favorite of Communist China. When elected to the Senate, Jim will only answer to the voters of Arizona. He will work for us, putting the taxpayer first. Jim will support balanced budgets, term limits, and spending reforms. He will fight to defend our constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms. He has pledged to only serve 2 terms and will donate his entire salary and unlike many lawmakers out to enrich themselves, he will not accept a government pension.