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Border Security

In Lamon's Terms

In the U.S. Senate, I will vote for legislation that:
  • Re-institutes the Remain in Mexico Policy
  • Finishes the wall
  • Ends Sanctuary Cities
  • Requires businesses to use E-Verify
  • Immediately removes the most dangerous illegal immigrants from our communities
  • Supports ICE and DHS enforcement operations
  • Re-evaluates skills-based visas that take jobs away from American workers

The unprotected southern border and non-enforcement of immigration laws have led to an invasion at our southern border. Two million illegal immigrants will be seeping into our orderly society this year. They come with no skills, unknown medical conditions, unvetted criminal backgrounds and entirely dependent on government financial support. With that comes wholesale flow of drugs, sex traffic and free access for known terrorists.

The Biden administration has abandoned enforcing immigration laws. Customs and Border Patrol is powerless to stop the invasion.

If this continues, more than two million people every year will need free housing, medical service, transport, education and illegal employment. That is equal to building two cites the size of Phoenix every year – funded with your tax dollars.

Drug dependency explodes and every American is now exposed to being killed in a potential terrorist attack on their local mall or church.

Jim Lamon will reinstate the enforcement of immigration laws. He will give Customs and Border Patrol the maximum resources to establish full control of the border. Jim will re-establish President Trump’s effective “Remain in Mexico” policy and complete the border wall as first priority. Jim will also work to find ways to prevent partisan political and destructive executive orders from interfering with the Congress-enacted laws.

Jim will also:

  • End sanctuary cities
  • Require E-verify with significant consequences for violation.
  • End all high-skill visas for Chinese and Indian immigrants.

With the Southern Border sealed again, Jim will work to make the immigration system more effective in deterring illegal immigration and the immediate expulsion of illegal residents. Jim believes that laws cannot be selectively applied under any circumstance. Without respect for the law, there is no orderly and prosperous society.

You can help Jim build the society you would wish to live in: prosperous, safe and ordered with liberty and justice for all. Elect Jim Lamon as the Senator for Arizona to replace the Marxist Democrat Mark Kelly.

“Arizonans can count on me to end the open border policies that Mark Kelly supports and finally secure our southern border.”

Jim Lamon Creating Jobs
Jim Lamon
Candidate for US Senate