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In Lamon's Terms

In the U.S. Senate, I will vote for legislation that:
  • Increases our energy supply – particularly clean, low-cost natural gas and solar
  • Encourages energy innovation in the private sector
  • Strengthens our energy grid
  • Protects American energy supply from foreign attacks

American energy independence is essential to our national security and prosperity. I will focus on policies that protects American workers, re-builds and expands our energy independence, and brings manufacturing back to the most environmentally responsible country on our planet – the United States of America.

Since Biden took office, we suffered a ransomware cyber-attack on a major gas pipeline, the Texas grid was down for days due to an extreme weather event, and California instituted rolling blackouts for the first time since 2001. The most notable act of the Biden presidency affecting our fuel supply was to reduce it by killing the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office.

American Energy Independence is a vital part of our American arsenal of freedom. It is truly a national security issue – we cannot be depending on the middle east for oil and energy prosperity. As a former executive in the gas and coal industries, and founder of a solar power company that employs 1,600 Americans, I know we need a robust “all of the above” energy policy. We must develop all sources of American energy to ensure an abundant supply of low-cost, clean energy and be resilient to increasing attacks from our foreign adversaries.

Arizonans should not be forced to choose between the environment and the economy. It is a false choice, perpetrated by leftists like Mark Kelly to justify tax hikes and draconian regulations that come with their Green New Deal. I know from my 30 years of American energy experience that we can have good jobs, strong industries, affordable energy and clean air.

Instead of pursuing socialists’ Green New Deal, I will sponsor energy policy that benefits American workers, businesses, ratepayers, and our environment by prioritizing a low-cost blend of clean natural gas and solar

“Arizonans can count on me to treat energy independence like the national security issue it is by supporting energy policies that protect our rate payers, not cater to extremist special interests like Mark Kelly.”

Jim Lamon Creating Jobs
Jim Lamon
Candidate for US Senate