Standing Up To China

In Lamon's Terms

In the U.S. Senate, I will vote for legislation that:
  • Stops China intellectual property infringement
  • Returns critical mining, processing, and manufacturing to the United States
  • Levels the playing field for American workers
  • Lessens Chinese influence on American universities and financial markets

Communist China is the biggest threat to our economic security and national sovereignty. Relying on China for our raw materials and manufacturing has become a national security issue. For decades, China has used unfair trade deals to steal intellectual property, damage our businesses, and steal American jobs. We can no longer allow China to take advantage of the United States and our workers.

Unfortunately, Mark Kelly does not feel the same way I do. He has profited off Communist China owned companies and is even facing potential Senate Ethics Violation for attempting to hide stock trades on Chinese-linked companies.

In the meantime, American CEOs are ignoring the blatant human rights violations and strict authoritarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party to do business in China or profit off cheap Chinese labor. From U.S. Airlines removing references to Taiwan on their routes at the request of CCP officials to Hollywood production companies censoring their content to not offend communist apologists, the largest companies in America have put profit over their values when dealing with the Chinese Communist Party. This is wrong.

In the Senate, I will stand up to China. I will fight to level the international playing field for American workers and businesses by ensuring that goods coming into the U.S. are appropriately tariffed for their cheap slave labor, unfettered environmental pollution, and unsafe working conditions.

“Arizonans can count on me to treat communist China as the threat to our national that they are, not sell out the American worker to them as Mark Kelly has done.”

Jim Lamon for US Senate
Jim Lamon
Candidate for US Senate

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