“The only Republican who can beat Mark Kelly…”

Jeff DeWit, former State Treasurer of AZ

Article Highlights:

“As the former COO & CFO of the Trump 2016 campaign and COO of Trump’s 2020 campaign, I am often asked for my thoughts on who I support in certain races.  

“Blake Masters is running for the US Senate in Arizona and is vying hard to get Trump to support his race, although I know of nothing that Masters ever did to support Trump.  He did not work on the campaign, and despite being a millionaire (according to his campaign finance report) he never so much as gave a single dollar to Trump, nor to any Republican candidate for office, ever.

“Masters is a young man who never wanted to put his neck on the line to support Trump or let his Silicon Valley co-workers know that he was Republican but now wants Arizonans to trust him as our next Republican Senator.

“Over the past decade, Masters has spent more time living and working in liberal Silicon Valley than he has living in Arizona.

“We need someone who is a proven Conservative, who has supported other Republican candidates, and who proudly and publicly supported our President Trump.  There is only one candidate for the Senate seat from Arizona who fits that description, and that is Jim Lamon. 

“Jim Lamon is Arizona’s largest Conservative Republican donor, giving millions of dollars to the Freedom Caucus alone, with millions more to other Conservative candidates and causes including Turning Point USA, FreedomWorks, and Trump for President and the Trump Victory committees.  Millions of Americans gave their hard-earned money and time to support Donald Trump’s campaign but Masters couldn’t be bothered to give even ten bucks.

“Lamon understands how important it is to bring back law and order and secure our border, which is why Lamon also has strong endorsements from the Arizona Police Association and the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

“If you are a true Conservative and want to vote for the only actual supporter of President Trump in the field, you need to join me in voting for Jim Lamon.  He has the background, experience, and resolve needed to win this seat.  Jim isn’t just the best candidate for Arizona, he’s the only candidate that can be counted on to reliably put America first.”

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