Arizona Water

Arizona is running out of water.

For the first time in its history, the Federal Government will reduce Arizona’s water supply from the Colorado river by 20% which will curtail Arizona’s total water supply by 8%. Decades of drought has reduced the water supply in storage to the lowest levels ever. Farmers are the first to be rationed and predicted to extend to towns and cities in five years’ time. This is not a good situation.

California, Nevada and Arizona share the lower Colorado river basin, with California taking 62% of available water. Of the three states, Arizona is burdened with the greatest reduction in available water.  In fact, under the existing law, the entire Central Arizona Project of 336 miles of canals that carry Arizona water must dry up entirely before California has to cut its water use.

Arizona’s lifeblood is being squeezed by the combination of less water from the Colorado river and over-extraction of stored underground water to support the rapidly increasing demand from a growing population, industry growth, new mining operations and ongoing agriculture.

Arizona cannot solve the looming problem by fighting over water rights with its neighbors. It needs a long-term solution to secure long-term growth.

I believe in America’s ability to solve big problems in big, innovative ways. In the US Senate, I will aggressively drive a strategy to build three pipelines, each capable of 1.5 million acre-feet of water from the Mississippi River to the upper Colorado basin to supply Arizona with an enduring and reliable water supply. This is a small percentage of the water that our mighty Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. As America built the interstate highway system, we can and must build this capacity.

I have proven capability to build huge infrastructure projects in the energy industry and will do the same for Arizona, so you and your family can grow and prosper in a water-abundant Arizona.