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Border Security

1. Stop the Inflow of Illegal Immigrants:

I will fight to secure our southern and northern borders and make finishing our southern border wall a top priority.

Border protection laws will be enforced such as the Remain in Mexico Policy and I will see to it that the border patrol and customs agents have everything needed to enforce American laws.

I will work to prevent politicians from signing orders that disregard the laws that Congress has put in place. I will work to end sanctuary cities by voting NO on funding for any state that allows a sanctuary city. I will reinforce the federal requirement that mandatory E-verify is used when hiring in America, and violations will result in major cost penalties and potential jail time.

2. Visa Reform and Enforcing Immigration Laws:

I will zero out “high tech” visas that are currently being freely handed out to Chinese and Indian immigrants, and work to see that those jobs are offered to Americans first.

I will work to stop the abuse of our system by those who overstay their visas. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows that some 676,000 people overstay their limited student or tourist visas every year. Up to 5.5 million live in our country illegally on visa overstays. That is half of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. The 9/11 terrorists used this loophole as well. Others will too. Of the Visa Waiver Countries, 76% of overstays come from the European Union. Enforcement is big part of my objective.

Resources and tax dollars are strained by this unplanned population growth, leading to a deterioration in the living standard for all Americans. I will bring an end to the abuse of overstayed visas by compelling those who have done so to leave the country immediately or be deported with a permanent ban to visit the US again. Once out, they can follow the legal immigration process. All future visa applicants will be required to post a bond to assure they will comply with the time restriction of their visas.

I will also strengthen Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) authority, increasing the volume of agents to efficiently prevent entry into the USA and expel those who continue to abuse the goodwill of American civil society. America is built on respect for laws, good order, safety and prosperity, not on abuse. Vote for me to be your next Senator for Arizona in 2022 to take democrat Mark Kelly’s seat. This country needs your help!