Border Security

The Biden/Mark Kelly agenda does not care about who enters our country through our open southern border.

In fact, undermining the sovereignty of our borders is a key part of their agenda.

America is presently under an invasion from all over the world. As reported by our National Border Patrol, and even many in the media, a number of nations are emptying their prisons and mental institutions, then sending them via charter flights to Mexico City. Soros and other far-left affiliated groups then bus them to our southern border, where they then enter the US through gaps in the uncompleted border wall. Border Patrol processes them, only to be then released based on the Biden administration’s policy, where they then disperse across America. The Department of Homeland Security reports, for Financial Year 2021, over 1,900,000 people came in illegally, and Border Patrol estimates another 400,000 came in undetected.

This is an invasion – pure and simple.

It is in addition to our legal immigration system which allows another 3,000,000 immigrants to enter. Many of those entering our country illegally have significant issues that put our communities at risk, including: criminal backgrounds, low level skills, diseases and Covid.

The scene at the border is a breeding ground for trafficking of illegal drugs, sex trafficking (including children), and even some known terrorists who, no doubt, mean serious harm to our citizens and nation.

Americans are shouldering the huge burden placed on schools to absorb non-English speaking students who take already stressed resources away from American children. The same is happening to our hospitals and other public institutions.

Two million illegal entries are larger than the City of Phoenix, in 2021 alone! Americans pay for this financial burden with increase national debt.   

I will work to achieve three major objectives in the US Senate regarding Border Control:

  • Stop the inflow of illegal immigrants:
    • Enforce the Remain in Mexico Policy
    • Finish the Wall
    • Enforce mandatory E-VerifyTM, including penalties (fines & jail) for repeat corporate offenders
    • End Sanctuary Cities

  • Resolve the issue of illegal residents:
    • Zero taxpayer benefits
    • Zero jobs (via E-VerifyTM); except for 3-Year Work Visas, if immigrants go through the appropriate process and is subject to:
      • Visas only for lower-wage jobs that Americans are reluctant to do
      • Taxes must be paid on wages earned
      • Immediate deportation for anyone engaging in criminal acts
    • ICE removal of all criminals and gang members (jail for anyone that recrosses the US border)
    • Removal of all persons overstaying their Visa authorization
    • Rescind all Chinese Visas of any kind: America should not be the educating or training ground for citizens of communist countries.
    • End birthright citizenship. The vast majority of first-world nations do not adhere to this antiquated policy.

  • Stop the importation of “allies of convenience” with promises of citizenship, like the chaotic Afghan evacuation. We should support those who worked with our military by helping them resettle in neighboring allied countries.

To stop the inflow, I will do all in my power to shut down business in the US Senate until the measures listed above have been achieved. I will fight to ensure our border protection laws are enforced and that the border patrol and customs agents have everything they need to do so. 

I will also put an end to the visas that are being freely handed out to Chinese “High Tech” immigrants and give those jobs to American engineers and technicians.

To resolve the question of illegal residents, I will work to stop the abuse of our system by those who overstay their visas. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows that some 600,000 people overstay their limited student or tourist visas every year. Up to 5,500,000 million live in our country illegally today on visa overstays.  That is nearly half of the 12,000,000 illegal immigrants when Biden entered the White House, but due to his and Mark Kelly’s deliberate policy of flooding America via our open borders, we now have 15,000,000. The 9/11 terrorists used this loophole as well. Sadly, others will too.

Of the Visa Waiver Countries, 76% of overstays come from the European Union. Of the non-Visa Waiver Countries, only eight (Brazil, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Venezuela) account for 58% of overstays. Targeted enforcement is part of my objective.

I will bring an end to the abuse of overstayed visas by compelling those who do so, to register for immigration status.  All overstayers and all future visa applicants will be required to post a bond to assure they will comply with the time restriction of their visas. Those who do not register should face jail time.

Finally, I will also strengthen and broaden government agencies such as ICE to expel those who abuse the goodwill of American civil society.

American society is built on respect for law and order, safety and prosperity, not on abuse. Vote for me to be your next U.S. Senator for Arizona in 2022 and send the liberal, open-borders Mark Kelly packing.

We must stop this invasion — no more kicking the can down the road!