The power of a good education is the most valuable gift we can pass to the next generation. Teachers’ union bosses and the Department of Education are failing our kids. Far too many children have had their education possibilities limited by their socioeconomic status. A family’s zip code should not be the primary factor in the quality of their child’s education.

I am proud that Arizona is ranked #1 in the nation for charter school law. We have nearly 600 active charter schools in the state serving nearly a quarter of a million students. Over half of students who attend charter schools in Arizona are minorities. Children in charter schools in Arizona scored higher in nearly every grade and subject than those in traditional public schools. Our state also has five private school choice programs that serve nearly 100,000 families.

We are already starting to see extremely positive results from expanding school choice in Arizona. All children deserve a chance to have a bright future, and every parent deserves the right to choose the best educational environment for their child. It’s time to advance School Choice legislation at a federal level to increase accessibility in our state and nationwide.

I will sponsor:

  • A nationwide Right to School Choice to empower parents and give children from all backgrounds the opportunity to receive an excellent education.
  • Local education to meet local needs.
  • Empower parents to oversee the content of teaching materials and absence of political indoctrination.
  • The requirement for all students to attend a civics class before graduation.
  • Oversight of teacher’s professional conduct in class – be it through video observation or otherwise.

I will work to eliminate:

  • The Federal department of Education. I will reallocate the Federal education budget back to the States to be put to the best use where it matters: in the local classrooms.
  • Critical Race Theory: Anything that creates disharmony, entitlement and victimization is not in our society’s best interest.
  • The right to strike for teachers: Teachers are essential resources who should not be distracted by political activism. I will work to improve their remuneration and working conditions.