Election Integrity

Free and fair elections is the foundation upon which our wonderful experiment in freedom and citizenship in America has been built. It is a fragile and consequential structure upon which the good and civil order of our society relies.

Once a free country loses the integrity of its election system, the destructive spiral is fast and fatal. For example, in Venezuela the once-prosperous economy completely collapsed in a few short years.

Unless America safeguards the integrity of our elections, our citizens will not trust the results, will not accept the elected officials as credible and representative and will not support the federal government.

There is no compromise: elections are free, fair and credible or they are not.

I consider election integrity as the most important basis of good social order and will do everything I can to insure it is maintained. I have previously taken it upon myself to do my part to shed light and demand transparency on the 2020 Arizona elections:

  • I served 6 years as a US Army Officer to protect this most basic of American Freedom
  • I was a Presidential elector on the 2020 ballot
  • With so many irregularities, I and others pushed for the Arizona election results to be audited before certification. When Arizona Governor Ducey and Vice-President Pence did not respond to our requests, we electors sued both to suspend certification until the results could be determined if they were free and fair.
  • When that failed, I pushed for the Arizona audit of the election results.
  • I contributed several hundred thousand dollars toward the cost of the Arizona audit as the State Senate had not made sufficient funds available for the complete audit.

The Arizona House and Senate did set about drafting more robust and impactful election laws, and a few laws passed to ensure more secure elections in the future. However, more laws must be passed for complete election integrity. To this end, I am donating the maximum amount to the campaigns of those Arizona House and Senate members who will make this happen.

As your Senator in the US Senate, I will fight hard for:

  • National, mandatory voter identification (real citizenship ID, not blue state driver licenses where illegal immigrants are allowed to register)
  • National, mandatory signature verification
  • Ensure elections stay under the control of the States and defuse the liberal power grab to federalize election laws
  • A defined minimum standard for free and fair elections in all States, and a routine audit across all 50 states to ensure compliance
  • Require election supervisors to disclose findings to State legislatures
  • Election supervisors not to receive funds from political entities (no Zuckerbucks).

Other changes to be considered are:

  • Abolish mail-in voting in favor of MOWI: Mail out-walk in with documented proof of citizenship. Exception is those who physically cannot get their voting location – in which case a Arizona Ranger will pick up the ballot upon presentation of valid ID
  • Abolish drop boxes without ATM-level security and tracking
  • Currency-grade ballots which cannot be forged
  • Abolish all electronic vote counting machines. The Arizona re-count proved that it is eminently better to count by hand.