Access to clean, affordable energy (electricity & fuel) is one of the greatest drivers of American prosperity. Any reduction in electricity or fuel immediately increases energy costs, which impacts the cost of living for all American families.

Fuel: Fuel is a global commodity which America should use to its best advantage. During the Trump Administration, we were a net fuel exporter for the first time since 1949 and fully independent in meeting our own natural gas, gasoline, and diesel needs. In contrast, Biden and Mark Kelly implemented fuel policies that caused the highest inflation rate in 40 years and once again forced America to be reliant on other countries for our fuel needs. This includes:

  • Stopping the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Suspending oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and New Mexico.
  • Reinstalling overbearing regulations that restrict domestic energy production.
  • Created new overbearing regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas production, transmission & storage.
  • Putting a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land.

Increased fuel cost immediately makes all other products and consumables more expensive, as shown by the increase in inflation below:

Electricity: Biden’s “Build Back Bankrupt” plan would spend taxpayer dollars to force utilities to use more expensive forms of electricity, as called for in AOC’s Green New Deal, reducing energy choices and raising costs for American consumers.

The graphs below show the impact on electricity cost under Democrat vs. Republican presidencies:

Biden, Mark Kelly, and their liberal Democrats allies increased electricity by 4% and natural gas cost by 29% in one year.  While politicians are making us poorer, China generates nearly twice the quantity of electricity as the USA, but at $0.09/kWh compared to $0.15/kWh in America, a 41% cost advantage. 

This gives Chinese manufacturing a significant cost advantage. We should use our extraordinary energy resources to put America First. Our energy cost and supply must not be hostage to the dictates of far-left energy policies. 

As your Senator I will work to:

  • Secure Energy Dominance: I stand for an energy strategy that emphasizes clean natural gas, utility scale solar, biomass and hydro, to insure the lowest cost and highest security to our nation. 
  • Close the Department of Energy: it serves no meaningful purpose other than proliferating endless constraints through overbearing bureaucratic regulation and permitting.
  • Eliminate the bureaucratic drag from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management and Forestry Service. American industry knows how to drill, pipe and build responsibly. We must comply with environmental laws set in Congress, but not suffer endless reviews, interpretations and delays of Federal Agencies. 
  • Transfer permitting for projects to the States where the entity is to be constructed. 
  • Move to the Texas model of deregulated electrical grids. The cost of electricity in this model is much lower, which will lower home electricity bills and help drive the re-shoring of manufacturing with lower cost of electricity. 

I will work to make our energy policy a tool for prosperity for all of America instead of a partisan political football which costs American families more every year. Vote for me in the November mid-term election and I will fight for you every day in Washington to build a stable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy strategy.