Government overreach must be stopped. Vaccine mandates are Government overreach. Each individual has the right to make their own decision regarding any vaccine.

Healthcare is the only industry where the individual consumer is ultimately responsible for payment but has no choice, insight, or control over the cost of services. Healthcare cost is the second largest expense in most household budgets. Even when companies provide healthcare, the huge cost reduces the money available for wages. 

Most working families are under real threat of bankruptcy if they or members of their family suddenly need extensive medical care. It is a well-known industry practice to make patients sign an agreement to pay whatever the cost of services, such as C-sections. No citizen should ever be forced to agree to accept liability for an unknown expense.

 The large pharmaceutical companies together with large healthcare providers, together with large health insurance companies appear to collude to ensure the consumers are kept in the dark on the actual cost of treatment. 

This was made worse by Federal government intervention. The introduction of Obamacare gave the health insurance industry the opportunity to significantly increase the cost of health insurance while simultaneously implementing unaffordable co-pay obligations. The fastest and largest increase in health insurance cost occurred in 2009-2010 when Obamacare was signed into law. 

Since then, the number of healthcare exchange options has dwindled to one or two providers per State while the insurance cost continued its relentless increase. The hard lesson is that government interference in healthcare only increases cost, reduces service availability and quality while reinforcing the health cartel’s perceived power and control of the entire health system. The graph below shows the much faster rate of increase in healthcare cost compared to other developed countries in the world.

Healthcare cost per person is not just a little more, but a LOT more. In fact, the cost person in the USA is more than double that of the average paid by people in comparable countries, as shown below:

Even the government-run Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran’s Affairs healthcare system are burdened by massive cost increases due to bureaucratic administration.

According to the Federal Government statistics, 34% of people in the USA rely on public health insurance. This is paid for from workers’ tax payments, which reduces their disposable income even more.

To put the Government waste and mismanagement of healthcare costs in perspective:

  • Public health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs) serves 36% of people, but consumes 47% of healthcare cost.
  • The proportion of healthcare cost consumed by public health insurance is 31% higher than that used by the population at large.

I am convinced that a significant portion of unnecessary healthcare costs can be returned to the paycheck of workers in America by:

  • Breaking up the healthcare cartel with more competition from more effective companies to drive down the cost of healthcare.
  • Minimize the unnecessary cost of “defensive medicine” where doctors prescribe additional tests and services to mitigate malpractice liability rather than effective treatment.
  • Redesign or eliminate Obamacare to drive more efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Minimize unnecessary regulation and bureaucratic interference in the healthcare system by overhauling the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Eliminate waste and abuse of the Social Security Disability Insurance system.

I am also strongly in favor of fully implementing President Trump’s policies:

  • Pricing Transparency: The current $100 per day fine to healthcare providers for not providing information transparency is laughed at by the industry. This should be $100,000 per day at least.
  • Prescription Drug Cost: Biden immediately reversed President Trump’s favored nation prescription drug cost executive order. For example: this would have reduced exorbitant insulin cost to mere pennies. There is no reason that America should be gouged by the pharmaceutical industry. Jim will work to make this requirement a law.

Through simple but conservative estimates, Jim believes every man, woman, and child will have $3000-$5000 returned to their paycheck every year if his plan is implemented.;