Jobs & Economy

We need to start putting American workers first.

When it comes to jobs and economic growth, government is usually the problem, not the solution. From deciding what businesses are essential to imposing excessive regulations, government stifles American innovation, depresses wages, and hurts American workers.

Biden’s proposed budget plans would increase federal spending by a whopping $4 trillion over 10 years. According to a recent study from the Tax Foundation, his plan includes 30 tax hikes that would eliminate 165,000 jobs and shrink wages by 0.8%. These tax and spend policies will hurt Arizona small businesses and families and cannot be allowed to stand. Arizonans can count on me to oppose bad budgets and legislation like this.

There is a better approach.

Congress must continue to cut taxes and needless regulation to encourage economic growth and help working people and their families. As the founder of one of the largest utility-scale solar engineering and construction companies in the U.S. that employs over 1,600 American workers, I am laser-focused on expanding job opportunities and growing the U.S. economy.