Law and Order

The relentless attack on law and order in America is destroying our social fabric. We all see the impact of “defund the police”, the attempts to eliminate qualified immunity for police officers, “no cash bail” policies and “theft as a misdemeanor” on crime. It has exploded under liberal state governments.

Chicago has the highest murder rate in decades. California is crippled by organized “smash and grab” theft. Carjacking is on the rise. Soros-backed elected attorneys-general are unilaterally redefining what is considered a prosecutable crime.

Source: FBI

Law enforcement officers are demoralized, frustrated and angry at the lack of support from city councils and mayors while their lives are in greater danger. Citizens are feeling more threatened and less secure in their own homes and neighborhoods. This is not the America I want our children to grow up in.

If this trend is allowed to continue through America, police effectiveness will continue deteriorate, protecting ourselves will cost more and we will live more isolated from one another.

Strict but compassionate law enforcement is essential.

Like Mayor Rudi Giuliani restored order to New York, mayors and governors must be held accountable to provide clean, safe and crime-free cities and suburbs.

I will work in the Senate to:

  • Ensure legislation supports effective law enforcement.
  • Guarantee law enforcement qualified immunity.
  • Provide the resources to fully fund, equip and train our men and women in blue (police) and green (border patrol) for their dangerous work.
  • Eliminate the underhanded financial influence from Soros and others on the election races for attorney-general and district attorney appointments.
  • Enforce the law as written for all felonies.
  • Secure our national borders (see Border Control Policy for more on this topic).
  • Empower all police agencies to detain illegal immigrants until Border Control can arrive to take custody of them. No catch and release!
  • Find and prosecute cop killers – no matter whether inside or outside the US border.

I will also work to eliminate:

  • Sanctuary cities and hold their civil servants personally liable for crimes.
  • Gangs, drug-trafficking and human trafficking.
  • The takeover of local law enforcement by the Federal Government.
  • Release on bond of violent criminals.

Effective and trustworthy law enforcement is the foundation for a safe, free, and functioning civil society. As your Senator, I will work to make America safe again!