National Defense

We have the best military in the world – not just because of our generals or advanced technology – but because our men and women in uniform are the best. It’s time to focus our mission on protecting our homeland and stop putting Americans at unnecessary risk. As an Army Officer veteran, I recognize the challenges our military men and women face. We must ensure they are trained and equipped to combat threats from enemies at home and abroad. For far too long, the American military has been undermined by political leaders who do not understand what it is like to put your life on the line to serve your country.

Biden’s failure to safely and effectively withdrawal from Afghanistan is a national and international embarrassment. Reports of hundreds of American citizens being left behind in Afghanistan are even more abhorrent. More than 7,000 Americans died in the War on Terror over the last two decades. We’ve spent over $6 trillion on counterterrorism military efforts in the Middle East, only to see billions of dollars of equipment fall into the hands of the enemy upon our withdrawal.

As a veteran, I know that the choosing to send our troops to war is a weighty one. The ability for Congress to oversee matters of war and peace has been steadily eroding over time. I believe that Congress should have a say in the decision to go to war and stay at war. This will hold members of Congress responsible for the endless amounts of troops and money we send and spend every time we enter a conflict.

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