Right to Life

Abortion is a contentious issue. Ever since the Roe v Wade case became law, states who value life from conception have tried to circumvent or negate the Supreme Court ruling. Mississippi has formulated a 15-week limit on abortion, that will be heard by the Supreme Court and offers the first review of abortion in decades.

Jim is a Pro-Life candidate and believes this issue needs a comprehensive policy. At the heart of the issue is often the conflict between women deciding whether they can support a child within the reality of their family economic situation which may conflict with their belief to preserve the baby’s life. 

There is also a significant difference in societal norms along political lines. Permissive, blue states have had a seven-fold (7X) increase in abortions as compared to protective, red states (including Arizona) since 2018. But more important is the reality that seventy-five (75%) of abortions occur by women from low-income or in below-the-poverty-line situations. 

Jim’s Policy goals:

  • stop taxpayer funding support of abortions, both local and international; 
  • be a promoter for adoption and ensure federal tax policies do not conflict with adoption;
  • favor the Mississippi 15-week law over the unrestricted Roe v Wade which allows killing the baby up until day of birth;
  • eliminate the economic drivers that cause too many women to believe abortions are needed (jobs & economy) with meaningful economic self-help support to mothers-to-be.;