Scottsdale School District: In Lamon’s Terms

Rally Invitation – Jim Lamon & Kari Lake

Tuesday, November 30th 4:30pm

Coronado High School

7601 E Virginia Avenue

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Join your community in taking back our schools!

Scottsdale Unified President Jann-Michael Greenberg is responsible for stalking, harassing, intimidating, and do of parents in the district and should resign form his position immediately.

“Storing parents’ personal information and photos of their children, recording parents with a body camera, taking down license plate numbers, and creating a dossier against parents is outrageous and unethical.”

It’s no wonder he’s given money to Mark Kelly! Thank you to Scottsdale Police Department for launching a criminal investigation into this matter.

Parents are NOT the enemy! As a father and grandfather, I am outraged to learn that this kind of harassment is occurring right here in Scottsdale, Arizona! Brave parents like Amanda Wray are the VICTIMS of this lunacy, and Amanda is doing a great job to fight tooth and nail to shed light on this blatant abuse of power. Scottsdale Unified School District should call for the immediate resignation of Jann-Michael Greenberg.

Scottsdale Unified School district spying on parents Jim Lamon for US Senate running kids